More than 40 years as a distributor for several global brands in Asia has taught us many important lessons that we have turned into a formula for success: Opportunities lie where deep insight meets with bold action.

Vision & Mission

VISION To unlock opportunities that add value to the lives of consumers in Asia.

MISSION Together we deliver better experiences and solutions through the assets, products, and services we create or represent.

We are committed to Asia’s growth and transformation. As consumers seek new ways to enjoy better living, we must also Go Beyond as an organisation to deliver more.


Our values reflect the defining qualities that brought SUTL the success it enjoys today. At the same time, they also lay the foundation and ideals required to achieve greater heights for both the company and quality of life for people in Asia.



We are trustworthy market experts driven by deep insight, commitment and prudence.


We are adaptable, fast moving and unencumbered so we can realise market opportunities.


We stay faithful to the founding spirit of enterprise by seeking new perspectives and innovative solutions.


We value the collective diversity of our business and people, progressing forward with a common spirit and intent.


In 1968, the late Mr Tay Choon Hye founded SUTL Corporation, which started out as a ship chandelling and duty-free supply trading company. Today, it has diversified into the leisure, lifestyle and environmental business.


Mr Arthur Tay is the Chairman and CEO of the SUTL Group of Companies where he actively oversees core business activities of SUTL in Singapore and throughout Asia. Under Mr Tay’s leadership, SUTL has expanded its business, focusing on three core business units – Leisure, Consumer Goods, and Environmental, with a distribution presence in more than 18 countries across Asia.


We believe business success is just one hallmark of a thriving corporation. To be counted truly successful, the company has to be measured by the positive impact it has on the local communities and the environment.


SUTL is a fast-growing, well-diversified corporation with interests in Consumer Goods, Leisure, and Environmental sectors across Asia. We are an equal opportunity employer who believes in investing in the professional development of all our employees.