Our Business

Bond Stores

We are the main supplier of bond stores to the ship chandlers. With our rich history in ship chandelling, we understand the needs of all our customers, the ship chandlers and we play an integral role in meeting to their needs in terms of product assortment and streamlining their costs to maximise their returns. Our in-depth experience and knowledge gives our customers confidence in our ability to deliver quality products backed by outstanding services to meet their needs.


OB Premier Pilsner beer
King's Castle Scotch Whisky

OB Premier Pilsner beer is a premium all malt beer, that has a rich taste with German noble hop.

King's Castle is a fine blend of malt and grain Scotch whisky, all of which have been long matured in oak casks in Scotland. Each single cask is individually selected by our chief Blender before being included in the blend. King's Castle is a smooth and mellow blend containing single malts of the finest quality. Distilled, blended and bottled in Scotland.